A New Wall / by Jim Hathaway

I've got new wall. An interesting sake company in the depths of Chiba has invited me to fill their big old storehouse (Meiji Er Kura) with painting.

The Iinumahonke has been making sake in Shisui for over 300 years. They have a magical complex of buildings.

That Meiji Era store house is in the back. They are re-purposing it for visitors. I didn’t measure, but just from stretching out my arm and counting I guess the side wall is 25 meters long, and the ends a little over 12 meters – lots of room for the dragons of my imagination to play.

Wish me luck putting it together. I have until Golden Week (early May). All, of course, are invited to see how it comes together.

There will be an exhibition, a live demonstration of painting out on the lawn and a workshop for children and parents to explore the world of sumi ink.