my secret life / by Jim Hathaway

Here comes the last week of my exhibition.  What happened.

A year of painting, 26 years of splashing ink, and smearing oil paint before that.  I started in New York and now here I am on this little green hill in Yanaka.

How did this happen? How did it happen so fast?

Good times. Bad times. 

This exhibition's bad comes from the days I could not be here.  In New York you put your paintings on the wall for a month and you are in the gallery for the opening.  In Tokyo people expect to see you every day.  Some days I teach.  I missed some old friends, and some new ones.

It is something to sit and look at a years work on the wall. People say this year fits together more than others. Perhaps its because of the frames, a unity of frames, and of scale.  It is not a big place.  Smaller work fits. 

I used more color.  And a much smaller brush.  My favorite brush for the paintings in this show was made out of three thin hairs from the whiskers of a Chinese rat.  It makes a very fine line.

So many times in life, a very fine line.