Girl's Day! / by Jim Hathaway

Girl's Day 1992
My wife left me with the baby. For a month I had only been allowed to touch her with alcoholed and gloved hands thru the ports of an incubator box.
It seemed forever she was in that horrid plastic box. Now she was home.
It was the third day of the third month - Girl's Day! To celebrte Japanese decorate their houses, schools and department stores with beautiful dolls that girls can't touch.
I had a baby I could touch, and a brush, and a stone to grind ink. How could I not paint the baby?
I painted thick black eyebrows way up high on her little baby forehead, as was the fashion for court ladies in the Muromachi Era scrolls - high eyebrows, and pointed heads. I didn't rearrange the shape of Yuki's head. I just painted the high eyebrows on with sumi ink.
I thought she looked cute with the eyebrows. My wife was shocked and surprised.
"New rule. Don't paint my baby!"