next exhibiion by Jim Hathaway

October and my next exhibition is not so very far away. Time to start sorting and framing. Most of my exhibitions have had a theme, a concept. This year I was just painting. Would that work for a title?

I'm Just Painting


Cut up by Jim Hathaway


I spent my day cutting up an artwork. It was an andon, a lantern. It was two meters tall and twelve meters around. I had made it for an exhibition in 2005, down the hill.
Kingyo gallery can be frustrating. It is a beautiful space and very nice people, but it is on a narrow  road that no one uses. Hundreds and hundreds of people walk past on the main road, Hebi Michi Dori, about ten meters away. But they don’t turn to come past the gallery. I made a giant lantern to draw people in.


It was a limited success. A lantern looks best at night, all lit up. Unfortunately the gallery was not open at night.
After the exhibition I packed it. Even broken into eight it was large to store, for thirteen years, every year thinking that this year I may have a chance to use it.
I never did.
Enough was enough. Today I cut it into pieces.
It took almost as much effort to cut up for garbage as it did to make in the first place.


New again by Jim Hathaway

I went skiing this year for the first time in over 40 years.  I decded to try oil paining again after over 25 years away.

This is a detail of Uguisudani.


Ready by Jim Hathaway

I thought I would put them together new years eve, but the handles needed another coat of varnish.

When the glue dries I will still be able to try them with my first painitng of the new year.


Hard Hair by Jim Hathaway

Not hard so much as oily, and not oily so much as wax. I boild the hair and tried to comb it out. Wow the wax. I complained to my sheep sister and another sister answered back tht it was lanolin. These sheep were origionally from Scotland. It seems they are well protected aginst weather.

I boiled the hair again, this time with dish detergent, and then again with laundry detergent. I think I m making a dent in the lanolin.

If it combs out OK I will go on to the next step of the brush making.


Christmas Presents by Jim Hathaway

I opened my presents from America and found an envelope full of hair. One of my sister's no wool sheep was sheding. She grabbed a handfull of winter hair for me to make a brush.

I wonder should I make two long very thin ones or one long sort of thin one? I wonder how it will work with ink?

I guess I have a project for the new year. But first to give it all a good boil.