Recycling by Jim Hathaway

Probably comes from my early days in New York in Art school, the garbage was rich. I kept my eyes open when I walked around.

Old habits. I found a little round frame down the hill last summer, put it aside. It resurfaced this week and I’m giving it a new surface. Pure fun.

I had an exhibition using all recycled, repainted, re-purposed frames a few years ago. they don’t sell well. Oh well. Still fun.


For the new year by Jim Hathaway

I was sharpening knives.

This little carpenters knife has been in the family - father's, grandfather's, further back? Can't say. I noticed it is getting shorter. I remember my father buying a set of wood chisels and telling me that well cared for they would outlast my children's children. The company was going out of business. He bought two sets.

His son's children's children. Why would he need to buy two sets?

It was my belief he bought one set for using. And the other set just for looking at.


down low by Jim Hathaway

Every exhibition I also put something up high, and something on the floor. Few visitors to the current exhibition notice this thing on the floor. One in a hundred has looked inside, young children mostly.


Exhibition week 2 by Jim Hathaway

Tomorrow I open the door for my second Sunday. Sorry the gallery is only open Sundays this year.

The gallery has two rooms. The building was built in the Taisho Era as a working/living space for a Japanese box maker so they are not big rooms. I believe it was build on the earlier Edo Era scale. It was a shock and and endearment when I realized that the living room in this house is one tatami mat in size.

This year the ichi Jo gallery space is dedicated to people, mostly portraits. It is the first time in twenty years of exhibitions here that has happened.


four years ago by Jim Hathaway

My New exhibition opens today, Ink and Oils, a mix of things i have been working on.

Facebook reminds me that four years ago today the TV visited my show and were quite taken with my toilet.