down low by Jim Hathaway

Every exhibition I also put something up high, and something on the floor. Few visitors to the current exhibition notice this thing on the floor. One in a hundred has looked inside, young children mostly.


Exhibition week 2 by Jim Hathaway

Tomorrow I open the door for my second Sunday. Sorry the gallery is only open Sundays this year.

The gallery has two rooms. The building was built in the Taisho Era as a working/living space for a Japanese box maker so they are not big rooms. I believe it was build on the earlier Edo Era scale. It was a shock and and endearment when I realized that the living room in this house is one tatami mat in size.

This year the ichi Jo gallery space is dedicated to people, mostly portraits. It is the first time in twenty years of exhibitions here that has happened.


four years ago by Jim Hathaway

My New exhibition opens today, Ink and Oils, a mix of things i have been working on.

Facebook reminds me that four years ago today the TV visited my show and were quite taken with my toilet.


October's Exhibition by Jim Hathaway

Deep in it now.

I usually have my invitation cards printed by June, first mailing to media done by now. This year I don’t yet have a title.

Spent this last week with jet lag and postage stamps. What is to become of me?


next exhibiion by Jim Hathaway

October and my next exhibition is not so very far away. Time to start sorting and framing. Most of my exhibitions have had a theme, a concept. This year I was just painting. Would that work for a title?

I'm Just Painting


Cut up by Jim Hathaway


I spent my day cutting up an artwork. It was an andon, a lantern. It was two meters tall and twelve meters around. I had made it for an exhibition in 2005, down the hill.
Kingyo gallery can be frustrating. It is a beautiful space and very nice people, but it is on a narrow  road that no one uses. Hundreds and hundreds of people walk past on the main road, Hebi Michi Dori, about ten meters away. But they don’t turn to come past the gallery. I made a giant lantern to draw people in.


It was a limited success. A lantern looks best at night, all lit up. Unfortunately the gallery was not open at night.
After the exhibition I packed it. Even broken into eight it was large to store, for thirteen years, every year thinking that this year I may have a chance to use it.
I never did.
Enough was enough. Today I cut it into pieces.
It took almost as much effort to cut up for garbage as it did to make in the first place.